Moto-Gear For A Long Trip To Greece

Updated: Feb 17

Ready to travel? Are you sure?

Even if you have done this many times before, you can take a look to this list that we have prepared for you!

1. First of all, you should go your motorcycle for service before your road trip.

Our tip is to do it ten days in advance, in order to be sure that everything will be fine.

Keep in mind that your tyres must be in a good condition, depending on the distance that you would like to go.

Member of with his motorcycle on the beach

2. You should ask your mechanic about the spare parts that you need to carry with you, for example a spark, lamps, chain lube, plus a few tools.

3. Obviously, you have to take with you your jacket, gloves, motorcycle pants and boots, a raincoat, sunglasses, balaclava or neck warmer etc.

Also we recommend to you to have a second pair of gloves and socks plus one more neck warmer inside your tankbag in case of heavy rain, plus a second helmet shield in case that the first one brokes

4. Do not forget to take with you a second pair of keys of your motorcycle, plus a second pair of keys of your cases and lock. Keep them separately in a safe place

5. A tyre kit always can save you, especially if you like to go in off-road paths

6. A charger for your mobile phone that works with your motorcycle

7. GPS

8. A second mobile phone in case that the first one brokes

9. A safe reserve gas fuel

10. First aid kit

11. Battery booster

12.Tie down straps

13. Thermal pants, t-shirt, socks.

14. Inside your tank bag might be useful to have space for a bottle of water, some snacks, wet wipes and a laundry bag. A pair of earplugs might be useful too.

15. Keep notes regarding the workshops that you can go in case of an emergency, the hospitals and all the useful phone numbers.

16. Last but not least, do not forget to take with you your driving licence, your motorbike's insurance and registration licence (ask your company about the green card that you should have for Greece), your passport (or ID if you are from a European country)etc.

Please see below the link:

Also check your country's goverment website to be sure.

For example for U.K's citizens:

P.S. We will post another article for those who love to combine camping with road trip

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