Enjoying A Motor Stay At Amazing Kalimera Kriti Hotel

The island of Crete, the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea, spans entire millenniums of history and is the foundation of one of the most significant civilizations of the ancient times, the Minoan civilization, yet aside from its multiple facets of history the island also boasts natural formations of unparalleled beauty, thus attracting thousands of visitors to stay at its various luxury resorts crete.

Kalimera Kriti suite interior space

As for the inhabitants of the island, Cretans are known for their hospitality and their sense of amiability. One of their much known characteristics that might often catch tourists by surprise, albeit a positive one, is their willingness to offer treats to their guests, be it guests at a tavern, hotels or even stores, making this an unforgettable experience to all who visited Crete.

Crete has a large variety of accommodation, which are located in gorgeous locations, often close to or right in front of exquisite beaches, and not too far from areas with natural or archaeological significance. Island is ideal either you travel by car or you venture a motorcycle trip. Besides the appealing rooms that they provide, they also have enjoyable common areas and outdoor gardens, outdoor courts for those who wish to play tennis or basketball, pools of various sizes for adults and children alike, rooms for spa and massaging treatment, and gyms. A common practice of hotels is to plan for small scale excursions for people who might wish to visit the locations mentioned above, with or without a tour guide.

Kalimera Kriti is a one-of-a-kind resort on Crete's north shore, stretched out over 240.000m2 of lush Mediterranean gardens. The terrain includes stunning long stretches of sandy beach with amazing sunset that generate a sense of romanticism and tranquility while remaining in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. In addition, kalimera kriti is ideal for those who travel with motorcycle. The large and sheltered areas that surround it exude a sense of security to the driver. Crete has infinite places to visit in any way and to travel and the accommodation should definitely be guaranteed to be comfortable and safe.

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